Is Your Home Ready for Your New Pet?

Little Girl Hugging Her Dog Near Window, Sepia Toned

A lot of homeowners plan to bring a furry friend into their lives. Whether your home is brand new to you or you’ve lived there for years, you need to prepare yourself and your home for a pet. Here are some tips to keep your home tidy and your new friend safe.

Avoid vertical blinds, pooling drapery, ornate tassels and long cords that can become strangulation hazards. If a dog gets caught in any of these, he could panic and bring objects around him crashing down. Choose curtains or draperies instead.

Provide comfy beds in each room or designate one piece of furniture as your pet’s place. Cover this piece with a washable throw and teach your pet that this is the only piece of furniture he is allowed to frequent. Use machine washable slipcovers on furniture your pets sleep on.

Avoid leather and vinyl furniture that can be easily damaged by claws, or trim your pets’ nails regularly.

Pets drool, slobber and dribble. Use washable paint in areas where your pet may get drool on the walls.

Make sure any houseplants you have are not poisonous to pets.

Machine-washable area rugs are easier to keep clean than wall-to-wall carpeting. Put away the fine and antique rugs. Tile, linoleum and Pergo® are pet-friendly floorings that allow you to easily wipe away accidental droppings.

Use spill-proof water bowls to help prevent spills and drips from droolers; put a large, absorbent placemat under food and water bowls will make for easier clean-up after messy eaters.

Don’t use products that contain ammonia to clean pet urine. Ammonia-based cleaners can attract pets and encourage them to urinate where you’ve cleaned.

Brush your pet regularly to keep her from shedding all over your house.

Fenced-in yards should have a buried, inward-facing section to prevent dogs from digging and tunneling.

Bringing home a new puppy? Here are some tips to get ready!

This is just a snapshot of a few ways to prepare for your pet. Read more here. And may you have many years with your 4-legged best friend. 


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