Father’s Day is Here; Treat Dad Right.


Father’s Day is the one day of the year that we let Dad off the hook for home improvement jobs. Have some fun with Dad by doing something different. This list of ideas may pique Dad’s interest for Father’s Day, his birthday and any other day you want to say “Thanks, Dad.”

Is Dad a golfer? Join him in a game of Miniature Golf. You don’t have to be a professional putter to have fun with this family game and Dad gets to show off the skills you only hear about at home.

Or, if you are a golfer yourself, hire a PGA instructor and you and Dad can spend some time honing your skills, learning from an expert, and not worrying about a windmill getting in your way. If Father’s Day doesn’t work, you can present Dad with a gift certificate and something to look forward to.

There is no age to young or old to start a new tradition of camping on Father’s Day weekend. Check the weather, pack some gear and head out to spend Father’s Day with Mother Nature. If a weekend of camping just doesn’t fit your schedule, a one-day hiking trip may fit the bill.

Does Dad like museums? Pick out some exhibits to check out on Father’s Day and during the year. This isn’t just fun for Dad, it’s educational for the entire family.

Have a field day! Pack a picnic, head to a park or your backyard and have a field day. Potato sack races, tug of war, obstacle courses – these are all easy games to play. Want some more ideas for outdoor fun? Click here for tips for hosting an outdoor party.

If it rains, turn Field Day into Board Game Day and pull out the cards, Monopoly, Sorry, Risk or whatever is Dad’s pleasure. Instead of wrapping up the day with a barbecue, wrap it up with some popcorn and Dad’s favorite movie.

Are you both adults? How about a beer or wine tasting? As a bonus, bring home a few of your favorites to toast with on another special occassion.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s Dad’s day, so celebrate him however you decide!

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