Meet First-Time Homebuyers, Carlee and Kasey – Universal Lending #FirstMove


First-time homebuyers have a lot on their plate. They are entering a financial world that is unfamiliar to them, they are saving nickels, dimes and dollars everywhere they can, and they often feel overwhelmed by questions for which they don’t have answers.

Carlee and Kasey were no different, but they were lucky. They had Universal Lending loan officer Elizabeth Turra on their team. Check out their story and learn how:

  • they gained the confidence to consider buying a home in a challenging market;
  • they were educated about the process and the difficulties that may arise during the loan process;
  • how they moved ahead with their purchase even when they occasionally got cold feet;
  • and how they learned to trust they were making the right move.

At Universal Lending, we are people helping people achieve their dreams. We work hard to communicate and educate each homebuyer, so they know their first move and all the moves after are the right moves.

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