Childproofing Your Home

child playing behind safety gates in front of stairs at home

You want your home to be a safe place for your kids whether they are crawling, toddling or walking. You may not be thinking of all of the new ways kids can find to hurt themselves, but your kids are! Here are just a few tips for childproofing your home.

For a longer checklist, be sure to read: Tips for Childproofing Your Home.

15 Quick Childproofing Tips

  1. Cover all electrical outlets with child-resistant covers.
  2. Keep chemicals out of reach and in locked cabinets.
  3. Use the safety belts that your baby’s swings and bouncy seats come with.
  4. Shorten curtain and blind cords. These present a choking hazard.
  5. Remove the plastic tips from door stops or replace the door stops with one-piece door stops.
  6. Secure unsteady furnishings.
  7. Make sure hallways and stairs are well lit at all times.
  8. Put a gate at the top and bottom of stairs to keep babies and toddlers from going up or down.
  9. Put the baby’s crib away from all drapery, electrical cords and windows.
  10. Move mobiles and other hanging toys away from the crib before your baby is able to reach them.
  11. Use hand railings for children getting their first “big kid” bed.
  12. Lock the medicine cabinets, and keep all vitamins and medicine locked away.
  13. Lower your household water temperature.
  14. Keep knives, plastic bags and cleaning supplies used in the kitchen out of children’s reach.
  15. Add protective covering to stove and oven knobs.

This is just a start on the things you can do to keep your kids safe in your home. Learn more by clicking here. You’ll see there are lots of things to do to keep your kids safe!

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