Home Improvement Projects to Tackle in One Day!

couple table

What a difference a day makes! If you are like a lot of homeowners, you put off do-it-yourself projects because you don’t have an entire weekend or longer to devote to the task. But what if you could find one, two or even three small do-it-yourself jobs to tackle in one day that make your home feel more homey immediately? Here are a handful of quick and easy do-it-yourself jobs for any homeowner.

Change out door knobs, hinges, electrical plates and other dated items.
The home improvement stores have too many options to count when it comes to accessorizing some of your home’s hardware. A change to several items in your home, or simply changing the door knob to your front entrance can make all the difference in how it feels to come home.

Change cabinet hardware.
You can dress up your cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom or dress them down by changing the knobs! This is easy and inexpensive change can give the whole room a new look and feel. Go for elegant or go for simple.

Brighten the lights outside.
Change out your outside light bulbs to something a little brighter, and clean your light fixtures outside. Your walkway will be brighter and you’ll be a little safer, as well. Add a few solar lights to the edge of your walk way to a fun, lighted path.

Dim the lights inside.
Add some ambiance to your room. And, while you’re at it, you’ll be adding some energy efficiency. You don’t need to change the lights to add dimmers, which are especially great in bedrooms and in the kitchen and dining room.

Paint your front door.
Maybe all you need to feel all is right with the world (and your house) is a fresh coat of paint on your front door. The front door, is after all, the welcoming entrance for all of your guests. A complementary color may be just what is needed. If you have a homeowner’s association, check with them before painting anything on the outside.

Paint a piece of furniture.
Do you have to wait for approval to paint your door and you’re ready to start painting now? Go for it! Paint a piece of furniture. An old table or bookcase or anything that is ready for an update. You don’t have to be a professional wood finisher to paint some wood. Need help picking out the right paint for your piece of furniture? Your local home improvement store or paint store are ready to answer your questions.

Update kitchen or bath fixtures.
Nothing modernizes a bathroom or kitchen quite like changing the fixtures. Choose fixtures that clearly coordinate with the rest of the room or have some fun and mix your metals. For a lot of us, not having everything match perfectly makes a room feel more livable.

Want some do-it-yourself projects for the whole family? Click here!

These are just a few of your quick and easy home improvement options. One day, lots of fun!

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