Easy Weekend Chores to Prepare Yourself for Autumn


You may not be ready for fall yet, but it’s coming soon. Why not take advantage of the last weekends of summer to tackle a few simple jobs that will make easing into autumn and winter a little easier. These won’t take long, and they won’t take too much effort!

Get winter equipment ready now. Don’t let an early fall storm catch you off guard. Get your snow blower ready to throw snow now.

Clean the garage. Did you accumulate new tools this summer but you didn’t get rid of any of your old ones? Now’s a good time to purge old equipment and tools you no longer need and do a quick sweep of the garage floor.

And when you are done in your garage, it may be time to organize the shed. Move summer items to the back and winter stuff up front for better access. Also, remove any liquids that will freeze.

Check for drafts. Feel for drafts around the edges of windows and doors. A good tip is to use a lighted candle and if the flame flickers, there’s most likely a draft. Replace seals and repair caulking around window and door frames now so you are warm later.

Buy a programmable thermostat, if you don’t have one. Setting your thermostat to lower the temperature automatically at night and when you’re not home, can result in substantial cost savings.

Test home safety devices. Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices and test to make sure they’re working properly. If you don’t do this in the fall, it’s a good idea to have a day set aside every year to check these out – Halloween, Fourth of July, your birthday – any day you’ll remember.

Check the chimney and fireplace. If you have a wood fireplace and use it often, have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional. And if you have a woodburner, now’s a good time to stock up on firewoood before it costs more.

Clean the gutters. A quick cleaning of the gutters will help to ensure they are ready when the leaves start to drop. Pull out leaves, sticks and other debris that landed in them and stayed in them this summer. Hire a service to clear your gutters or do it yourself. Remove leaves, nests, and debris from gutters and check for leaks.

Ready or not, fall – followed by winter – is on its way. Be ready! 

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