Make Fall Yard Work Easy and Pain-Free



Autumn yard work can be both time consuming and hand-blistering. But what if it doesn’t have to be? We want to share some tips with you to help you make a full weekend of yard work turn into just a couple of hours, so you can spend your time hiking in the autumn colors or being the armchair quarterback you are meant to be.

Use Your Lawnmower: Cut your grass a little shorter in the fall. Short grass gives leaves less to get caught on as they drift around the neighborhood. It also means the mower will destroy a light coating of leaves that has fallen so you don’t even have to rake. If you have a mulching lawn mower, that’s even better, but not necessary.

Use Work Gloves: Don’t delay in putting on a pair of work gloves to get started. These will keep you from getting blisters. If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t put them on until the blisters start to form. That’s too late! Start with them and end with them. And remember a long sleeve shirt, as well, to keep the leaves and pine needles from pricking your arms.

Use Your Leaf Blower: If you aren’t looking for a tranquil, quiet afternoon, a leaf blower is your friend. Let the power of the blower pile up your leaves for you. But be smart and wear earplugs to protect your hearing, and be a good neighbor. Don’t start the blower too early or run it too late.

Use Your Rake and Your Snow Shovel: You’re not going get away from raking all together. Use a hearty, sturdy rake to get the leaves into piles that you can push onto snow shovel and dump into your leaf bags. You’re going to save yourself a lot of bending if you use the shovel method, rather than trying to pick up piles and piles of leaves by hand and arm.

Use Your Kids: Leaf pickup is an ideal chore for the young kids and teenagers alike. Start them with rakes — and quality, good work gloves — and let them learn the old fashioned way. There is no age that is too young. They love playing in the leaves. And if you make it a game early enough on in their lives, they may be more willing to get out of bed and help out when they are older!

Autumn really is a beautiful season. Don’t let raking leaves be a chore that takes all of the fun out of your season.

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