Real Estate Agents Can Be Marketing Stars with Video

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At Universal Lending  we are big proponents of using videos to up your businesses’ marketing efforts. For real estate agents, sharing videos on your social media and website can help capture attention of new homebuyers and sellers or potential business partners. Videos can also help you build trust and show your expertise or place in the community. Here are four ways real estate agents can be the star of their marketing! 

Profile yourself. A short agent profile video can warm cold prospects and provide insight into who you are, what sets you apart, and how you can help clients best. Make sure to talk about your mission, services, how you work with your homebuyers and sellers, and anything else you want to share.  Use this video on your website and LinkedIn profile, and pin it to the top of your Facebook page.

Share your business wisdom. How-to, Q&As, and just-for-fun videos are popular and can help you share more about you and your business. Topics could include creating curb appeal on a budget,  staging secrets, how to prepare for a house hunt,  how to save for a down payment and much more!

Share your community expertise. Highlight local neighborhoods, interesting historical facts, great parks or hikes, schools, restaurants, or other attractions. Share the videos with any businesses you highlight. They may want to feature your video themselves.

Go behind the scenes. Reveal how you set up open houses or prepare for a photoshoot on a new listing. Give a sneak peek of open houses you’ll be hosting or share a special feature from a home while you’re hosting an open house – a cool kitchen, amazing storage space, a beautiful back yard. Home sellers will be especially happy to get a glimpse into your marketing efforts.

Share testimonials. Interview clients on how you helped them buy their first home, find their dream house, or sell the home they had for much more than expected in much less time. Referral colleagues can also provide great testimonials on the benefits of working with you or referring business your way. Always get permission to share these videos on your social media accounts or website.

Do you have video secrets you want to share? Please do! Email to let us know more about how you set yourself apart as a video star.

Agents Can Work Faster and Smarter, and Stay Safer, with a Few Great Apps


Real estate agents have a lot going on so anything that can make their job a little easier is always welcome. Here are some great apps for agents. Check these out and see if they help you work faster and smarter, and stay a little safer.

Bmonitored: This app provides a way to have safe meetings with strangers. Enter a meeting start time and safety alert times. Bmonitored will then ask you for confirmation that you are safe at the interval you have selected. Once you respond with your one-digit personal PIN, the system clock resets until your next safety alert interval. If you do not respond, your emergency contacts and the authorities are notified with your last GPS coordinates.

Magic Plan: Magic Plan will make you feel like a real magician when you create accurate floor plans quickly and easily on your iPad or your iPhone. Use the camera of your device and while turning around, mark the corners of your space. When you are finished, Magic Plan aggregates a floorplan!

With just a little practice you’ll be capturing a room using Magic Plan within a minute. That’s saving you a lot of time – plus the cost of employing someone else to measure it!

Homesnap: This app lets you snap a photo of any home to reveal home value estimates, interior photos, bedrooms, bathrooms, taxes, lot boundaries, public school information and more. In addition, consumers use Homesnap to search for homes every month, and each time they have a question about your listing, real estate agents using Homesnap Pro get the lead instantly for free.

Homesnap also comes with a safety timer or sends distress alerts if an agent is in danger.

Open Home Pro: Open house visitors sign in with a name, email address and other relevant information online rather than on a sheet of paper that you may or may not be able to read. After each open house, visitors receive a professional follow up email with the agent’s contact information. Agents receive a list of leads who don’t have an agent or a home to sell so they can act quickly to capture potential home buyers.

Postagram: This app is just plain fun and good business. Use your photos from Instagram, Facebook and your camera roll to design postcards. Customize the colors to match your style and choose your designs. These are great ways to easily stay in touch with a personal message with your homebuyers. And wouldn’t it be fun to send a photo message after a closing with your homebuyers in front of their new home or at the closing? Postagram helps keep business personal.

These are just a few of the great apps agents can use for business (and for fun!). Check these out today for the boost your business needs now.