Take Your Steak from Good to Great with Some Grilling Pointers from the Pros

Man Eating Steak

Summer is here and that means more time outside, firing up the grill. There is no downside to making the best steak – except being in charge of the grill at every meal. So grab your “Kiss the Cook” apron and your tongs and get grilling. 

Make friends with your butcher. A good steak dinner starts with the best cut of meat. And no one knows how to pick the best cut better than a butcher. Your butcher will know the best steaks for grilling are thick and have a lot of marbling, thin white streaks of fat. This marbling keeps your steak juicy and adds flavor. Choose bone-in, as well.The bone absorbs some of the heat and distributes the heat more evenly.

Don’t thaw a frozen steak. If you aren’t getting your steak from the butcher but are pulling it out of the freezer, don’t thaw it ahead of time. Frozen steaks lose less moisture and retain more flavor. Give it a try!

If your steak is not frozen, take it out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before grilling to bring it to room temperature so it cooks evenly.

Pre-heat your grill. If your grill is hot enough, you should not be able to hold your hand over the grates for more than two minutes.

Prep your steak by lightly coating it with canola oil or olive oil. The oil will allow the surface temperature to get seared fast ensuring a juicier final product as well as greatly aiding the charring of the meat’s surfaces.

And season simply. If your steak is well marbled, just add some coarsely ground black pepper and kosher salt to bring out its natural flavors. Season a bit more than you might other grilled items as some of the steak’s seasoning will be lost in the grilling process.

Leave your steak alone. Let it develop a seared crust on the grill before flipping it. Flipping your steak too many times can allow it to lose flavoring so only flip it once.

Don’t overdo it. Err on the side of undercooking a steak rather than overcooking it. You can always put the meat back on the grill if its too rare.

Take five. Once your steak is off the grill, wait at least 5 minutes before slicing. This gives the juices a chance to settle back into the meat. The internal juices will redistribute throughout the steak and the steak will relax and become tender. Cutting too soon will allow the juices to spill out turning a medium rare steak into a medium plus steak.

Enjoy! And get a good apron, because you’ll be doing the grilling from now on!