Teach Your Kids to Love Their Home and DIY Projects


Do you want your kids to grow up and already love a good DIY home maintenance project or at least understand the value of a clean and tidy home? Start working with them while they are young. Kids actually think cleaning the house or helping with home repairs is fun, so the sooner you engage them in this, the better.

Start while they’re young. While involving kids in housework and home maintenance may take more time, getting kids started while they are young will teach them the importance of caring for a home and taking on some hard work. Kids can hold flashlights, hand you tools or carry a light toolbox. Older kids can help with the screwdriver, replace light bulbs or take part in chores like vacuuming or cleaning

Get kids their own toolbox or yard tools like a kids’ rake or lawn mower. Let them imitate you nearby. This makes participation a game.

Talk about what you’re doing. As you work on home projects such as gardening, painting, repairing, cleaning, talk to your kids about what you are doing. You can teach them more and keep them chatting.

Let them decorate their own rooms. Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms so the more they do to make them their own, the more they will like them. They will also feel ownership and want to be in charge of keeping their rooms clean. Comfortable is important.

Teach your kids about important jobs for home owners that some adults don’t think about, including:

Help them locate the breaker box and flip the correct switch when you lose power. They can also help you label the breaker box, a task that a lot of homeowners plan to take on but never do. Kids love to run around the house and let you know what lights are off or on when you flip a switch.

Show them where to turn off the water for the house or in a bathroom. Kids are known for putting weird things down toilets. No matter how often you say not to, they still do it. Even if you don’t show them where the house water turns off, show them how to turn off an overflowing or running toilet.

Change batteries in smoke alarms. Let kids help you change the batteries in smoke alarms. You should do this twice a year and it’s a great time to teach kids about home maintenance and home safety. This could even be a good time to talk to your kids about a fire evacuation plan.

And make a quick cleaning fun!

Have a Musical Cleaning Event! For a fun cleaning game, turn on your favorite fast song and have a race to see who can clean up the most toys while the song plays. Whenever you turn the song on, the kids clean. ! Kids think this is a blast and race to beat each other. You end up with tired kids and a clean room!

Home Improvement Jobs for the Whole Family

Little girl painting her room

Are you looking for something to do with your kids when “there’s nothing to do,” here are some good home improvement jobs that are good for the whole family – spend time together, educate your kids, AND get jobs done!

What do kids learn from home improvement projects?
It’s more than just a project! It’s an education.

  • How to create budgets;
  • How to shop for what you need and navigate a home improvement store;
  • How to choose tools they need;
  • How to work with them safely.

Here are some fun jobs.

Paint! Paint walls or paint furniture. If the job isn’t super detail-oriented, kids can add to the fun and help you get walls painted sooner. The best thing about painting is that following behind and fixing mistakes is easy.

Garden! Kids love to get dirty, and when is it easier to get dirty than when you’re playing in actual dirt. Younger kids and older kids alike can be great helpers when it comes to pulling weeds, raking leaves or pine needles, or digging holes to plant flowers. They are also great helpers when it comes to watering flowers and other plants. Look around at your yard. This is a great place to bring in their help.

Go solar! Let your kids create a little solar light walkway in the yard. Kids can place these around sidewalks or garden beds and love to watch the lights go on as the sun goes down.

Build! If your child is old enough, he or she may be able to hammer some nails for you, as you work on a fence or deck. You can start the nail by knocking it into the wood and then let your child come by and finish the job. You can also be bold and build equipment storage, bird houses or other things.

Decorate! Are you hanging pictures or re-arranging a room? It’s easy to include them by letting them tell you “a little to the left” or by letting them move some unbreakable and light pieces like books or small paintings, etc.

Craft! Do you need a new bulletin board in the study? Let your kid decorate the border or a small place on the board. Looking for a new pencil holder? A clean can and some stickers can go a long way. Look around at places that a personal kids’ touch can be perfect and let them play.

Not sure where to start? Ask your kids if they have a project they would like to tackle. If it’s something they’re interested in, then getting the job done is easier!

It’s all in the family when it comes to making your house your home.