9 Things a New Homeowner Needs to Do When Moving

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Whether you’re moving into your first home or your fifth home, here are some things you’ll want to do as you settle in to home sweet home.

Change Your Locks.
This is one safety measure you want to take right away. After all, you don’t know who may have a key. You can install the deadbolts yourself or supply new locks to a locksmith, and let the professional take charge. This relatively inexpensive change is an important one.

Find the Main Water Shut Off.
Water from a burst pipe can dump dozens of gallons into your home’s interior in minutes, soaking everything in sight — including drywall, flooring, and valuables. Water damage is one of the most common household insurance claims.
Before you need it, find your water shutoff valve, which will be located where a water main enters your house. Make sure everyone in your home knows where it’s located and how to close the valve.

Find Your Circuit Breaker Box.
Find your circuit breaker box right away and take a few minutes to label which breakers go to which rooms. It’s a two-person job but, like finding your water shut off, you don’t want to wait until you need the circuit breaker box to look for it.

Steam Clean Your Carpets.
Do this before you move your furniture in – you’ll be glad you did. You can hire professional or rent a steamer and do it yourself if you don’t own a cleaner. No matter how you get this done, you’ll feel better knowing your carpets are freshly cleaned.

Clean Your Cabinets.
Wipe inside and out with a non-toxic cleaner, and replace contact paper if necessary. Stacking dishes in a clean cabinet is going to feel so good!

Call 8-1-1 BEFORE Digging.
Are you ready to dig into your new yard? Call 8-1-1, the national dig-safely hotline, before you do. The hotline will contact all your local utilities who will then come to your property — often within a day — to mark the location of underground pipes, cables, and wires. This free service keeps you safe and helps avoid costly repairs.

Check Your Attic Insulation.
First, find your attic hatch if it’s in the ceiling. Push the hatch cover straight up. Get a ladder (or lower the latter that is attached to the door) and check out the depth of the insulation. If you can see the tops of joists, you don’t have enough insulation. A quick internet search will help you find a reputable company to come out and blow more insulation into your attic. In the winter and summer, you’ll be glad you’ve done this.

Change Your Toilet Seats.
Even if you don’t want to get new toilet seats, take them off and deep clean under the bolts and hinges. You can put the old toilet seats back on or start fresh with your own!

Change Your Air Filters.
Changing out a filter can help improve the performance of your air conditioning and furnace and help with any allergens in the home. It’s quick and it’s inexpensive and can save you money.

Checking these things off your to-do list when you first move into a home will make you feel at home right away. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to relax and put your feet up. Happy homeownership!