Tips for Making Moving Less Stressful: The Art of Packing

happy female couple celebrating in new home

Moving is stressful, whether you are going across the country or across town. We want to help make moving a little bit easier by providing you with some helpful tips on a few things you can do to make your move easier and less stressful.

Make packing an art and a science! Here are some quick tips for ways to make packing a little easier.

Use strong boxes and secure them tightly. Your dishes and valuables deserve extra care, so use special boxes for kitchen, wardrobe and other special things. Avoid using boxes that have had food shipped in them.

If you still have your original boxes and packaging from your audio and visual equipment, repack those items snuggly in those boxes.

Put heavy items, like books, in smaller boxes to keep boxes from getting to difficult to carry.

Label all of your boxes! Include what is in each box and what room it goes into.

Do you have kids? Set aside some of their favorite items for moving day so you aren’t looking for these things and your kids have something to keep them from getting bored.

Consider making a Home Inventory Checklist.
This is an especially good idea if someone is packing and moving for you, or if it’s time for you to review your homeowners insurance policy or regroup on what you have. Your checklist should include all of your belongings and:

What the item is
Its estimated value
Its condition
What room it is in, in your home

Click here for more information on how to create a home moving checklist.